Masterpiece or Holokitsch? The Zone of Interest, directed by Jonathan Glazer, never brings its viewers over the wall to Auschwitz. “It’s a horror film that keeps it horrors rigorously hidden from view.”  (Los Angeles Times, 12/14/23; The New Yorker, 12/14/23; The Washington Post, 1/16/24; The New Statesman, 1/26/24)

In The Teachers’ Lounge, Germany’s entry in the 2024 Oscar race, director Ilker Çatak subverts the “magical teacher” genre, crafting an intense thriller and social parable set in a middle school.  (The New York Times, 12/24/23; The Washington Post, 1/8/24)

Berlin’s iconic Kino International, “a jewel of East German modernism,” turns 60 years old on November 15.  (Exberliner, 11/15/23)

“Wim Wenders’ latest documentary Anselm offers a mesmerizing, cinematic catalogue of German painter-sculptor Anselm Kiefer’s deeply tactile, maximalist oeuvre.” Plus, it was shot in 3D and 6K-resolution.  (The Guardian, 5/17/23; The Hollywood Reporter, 5/18/23; The Washington Post, 1/1/24)

“Even artistic geniuses or supposed artistic geniuses are not above the law”: Reports of intimidation and verbal aggression, centering around the bad behavior of star actor and director Til Schweiger, have initiated a cultural reckoning in the German film industry. (The Guardian, 5/7/23)

Edward Berger’s All Quiet on the Western Front won four Oscars, seven Baftas, and not much love from German critics.  (The Guardian, 1/27/23; Slate, 2/1/23; The New Statesman, 2/22/23)

The British comedy sketch “Dinner for One,” Germany’s inexplicably beloved New Year Eve’s viewing ritual, is about to about get a multipart television prequel, set 51 years before the original. Five men will “vie for the attention of the unmarried and emancipated Sophie,” and the series will be called—what else—“Dinner for Five.”  (The Guardian, 12/30/22)