A new novel by Jo Salas—Mrs. Lowe-Porter, about Helen Tracy Lowe-Porter, shines a light on the accomplished woman who introduced Thomas Mann to English readers.   (The New York Times, 1/30/24)

Krabat and the Sorcerer’s Mill, the classic children’s novel written by Otfried Preussler and translated by Anthea Bell, is now available in paperback.  (The Wall Street Journal, 1/5/24)

Why read the Heinrich Böll story “Doktor Murkes gesammeltes Schweigen” all by itself when you could enjoy Sharon Dodua Otoo’s Gesammeltes Schweigen instead?  (Love German Books, 11/23/23)

The authors in February 1933: The Winter of Literature (by Uwe Wittstock, translated by Daniel Bowles) “are all too human, blameless in their initial assumption that violence, lies, and hate cannot sustain a regime, and helpless when it turns out they can.” (The New York Review, 11/2/23)

Clemens Meyer’s “stark yet tender rendering” of post-reunification eastern Germany has earned him literary laurels. His 2006 debut novel, Als wir träumten, was translated this year by Katy Derbyshire, as While We Were Dreaming. (New Statesman, 11/16/23)

“Clinging to the undercarriage of her sentences, like fugitives, are intimations of Germany’s politics, history and cultural memory.” Jenny Erpenbeck’s latest novel, Kairos, has been translated into English by Michael Hofmann.  (The New York Times, 5/29/23; The New Republic, 6/21/23; Los Angeles Review of Books, 7/6/23; World Literature Today, 11/2023)

Critical praise for Endless Flight: The Life of Joseph Roth: “Keiron Pim’s elegant, detailed and judicious biography is the first comprehensive English-language introduction to an author whose astonishing literary talent consistently overrode the careless failures, debacles and staggering afflictions of his life.” (Times Literary Supplement, 10/7/22; Los Angeles Review of Books, 12/24/22)

“As you translate a book, you don’t just get a feel for it, the book inhabits you.” Tim Mohr explains the unexpected joys of translating and being translated—with possibly the best origin story for a literary translator ever.  (Lithub, 5/15/23)