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Victoria (directed by Sebastian Schipper, 2015)

                  What's New
Nina Hoss and Christian Petzold: "the greatest actor-director duo today"?  (The Daily Beast, 7/25/15) No "frowning white men in suits" here! The latest issue of Words Without Borders is dedicated to the emerging German writers of 2015.  (Words Without Borders, July 2015) Sebastian Schipper's Victoria is "a bravura experiment and a kinetic, frenetic, sense-swamping rollercoaster ride." It swept the German film awards, and soon it may win over international audiences, too.  (The Hollywood Reporter, 2/7/15; Deutsche Welle, 6/19/15)

                  Germany's Greek Crisis
How are editorialists unhappy with Germany's handling of the Greek crisis? Let us count the ways.  (Spiegel Online - International, 7/3/15; The New York Times, 7/9/15; The New York Times, 7/12/15; The Conversation, 7/14/15; The New York Times, 7/15/15; The Guardian, 7/16/15; The Washington Post, 7/16/15; The World Post, 7/24/15; The Guardian, 7/27/15)  You say "austerity," the Germans say "Sparpolitik."  (The Economist, 7/18/15) I'm not sure if it ever left, but yes, the German Question is back.  (The New York Times, 7/13/15)

Heiner Goebbels and the Ensemble Musikfabrik would like to introduce you to the alternate musical universe of Harry Partch, onstage at Lincoln Center.  (The New York Times, 7/21/15; New York Classical Review, 7/24/15; The New York Times, 7/24/15) In memoriam: Dieter Moebius (1944-2015), experimental music pioneer, co-founder of Cluster and Harmonia.  (The Guardian, 7/21/15; The Guardian, 7/22/15) In the summer of 1970, a young Conny Plank captured the sounds of Duke Ellington and his orchestra at the Rhenus Studio in Cologne. Now you can hear for yourself!  (The Economist, 7/3/15; Electronic Beats, 7/9/15)

                  Art & Design
This might just be the most baffling bit of Kultur I've seen. Enjoy!  (The Guardian, 7/19/15) So many cultural treasures, so poorly exhibited. It's as though Berlin's museums "go out of their way to keep people from visiting."  (Spiegel Online - International, 7/16/15) All 619 photographic prints from August Sander's "People of the Twentieth Century" are coming to the Museum of Modern Art.  (The New York Times, 6/4/15; The Guardian, 6/18/15)

                  Books & Ideas
No "frowning white men in suits" here! The latest issue of Words Without Borders is dedicated to the emerging German writers of 2015.  (Words Without Borders, July 2015) Take a tour through the wonderful, shivery world of the folk and fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm.  (The New York Review of Books, 7/9/15) Peter Longerich's definitive biography of Joseph Goebbels is the first to draw from a complete version of the Nazi propagandist's diaries. Will its publisher be compelled to pay royalties to the Goebbels estate?  (The New York Times, 5/13/15; Prospect, 5/21/15; New Statesman, 6/30/15; The Guardian, 7/9/15)

Nina Hoss and Christian Petzold: "the greatest actor-director duo today"?  (The Daily Beast, 7/25/15) Christian Petzold's "post-Second World War film noir Phoenix is surely in contention to be in any top five list of the best Hitchcockian thrillers ever made."  (The Independent, 5/7/15; The Telegraph, 5/8/15; The New York Times, 7/23/15) New on DVD: vintage Cold War dramas from 1962/63, produced on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall.  (The New York Times, 6/26/15)

"It’s that time of year again: the balmy nights of late spring are the augurs of the annual ritual of blood-letting in northern Bavaria, when the remaining Wagners do their best to tear each other apart in public on the eve of the Bayreuth festival."  (The Guardian, 6/11/15; Slipped Disc, 6/12/15) Q: What do you get when Robert Wilson and Herbert Grönemeyer stage Faust at the Berliner Ensemble?  A: "A frenetic fever dream, a funhouse rock opera that’s more Rocky Horror than reverent recapitulation of Goethe’s tragic masterpiece, with a Mephistopheles who’s beyond irresistible."  (Exberliner, 5/5/15; Deutsche Welle, 5/30/15) "A graphic story that kicks off with sex, progresses to a full-blown orgy and then torture, and ends with a gruesome mass slaughter replete with horrifying detail"—I'm guessing Die 120 Tage von Sodom won't be heading to Broadway anytime soon.  (Deutsche Welle, 5/28/15)

Here's an inspired way of dealing with the "disgraced statues" of Germany's political past.  (Deutsche Welle, 7/9/15; The Local Germany, 7/23/15) "Can the American South, still grappling with the legacy of slavery and segregation, learn something from Germany’s grappling with Nazism?" (The Washington Post, 6/24/15; The New York Times, 7/7/15) Germany is still waiting for full marriage equality. Explore the past 150 years of gay history, politics, and culture in a new exhibition at the German Historical Museum.  (AP, 6/24/15; Deutsche Welle, 6/26/15)

                  Et Cetera
"Ich erinnere das nicht" and "Ich rufe Sie zurück"signs that the impact of English on the German language might be even deeper than you thought.  (The Economist, 7/16/15) Here are five important lessons from Angela Merkel's unscripted encounter with fourteen-year-old Reem Sahwil.  (The New Yorker, 7/21/15) Gluckschmerz (Glückschmerz?): it's not a German word yet, but it ought to be.  (The Wall Street Journal, 6/12/15)